Book Review Travel The World on $50 A Day

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Is it possible to travel the world on $50 a day? Author of Travel The World On $50 A Day, Matt Kepnes, better known in the travel world for his blog  Nomadic Matt – travel better, cheaper, longer –  says it is. Like most of us, Matt found himself in a job that didn’t satisfy him and took solace during the little vacation time he received. After meeting a group of backpackers in Thailand in 2005 on one of his two-week vacations, Matt decided to go home, finish his schooling and quit his job. A year later he took off to travel around the world. It was supposed to last a – year it turned into 18 months. He’s been mostly on the road ever since.

In the book Matt shares his experiences of how he was able to affordably travel around the world. Understanding that everyone has different perceptions of travel and what makes a great trip Matt provides tips on how to use your money wisely and get the most for every dollar. This 2015 edition is an expanded edition of the same book he published in 2013 with more content and updated information.

This book is helpful if you’re looking for economical ways to see even the most pricey locations in the world like Australia and Western Europe. It’s a step-by-step handbook on how to choose lodging, where to eat, local attractions and how to find discounts on just about everything.

Matt Kepnes Travel the World on $50 A Day

Matt Kepnes Travel the World on $50 A Day


The book is broken into three sections – Part One: Planning Your Trip explains how to get your finances in order, choosing a bank, credit cards and travel insurance. Part Two: On-The-Road Expenses shares tips on how to save money on accommodations, food & drinks, transportation and activities. And Part Three: Breaking It Down By Region goes into detail on the major regions of the world and how to economize in each one. The Appendix is loaded with valuable recommendations for travel products, hostels, travel websites and much more.

Easy to understand and follow for even the most novice of travelers, the book includes terrific tips from many top travel bloggers, who provide even more ideas on how it’s possible to travel cheaply and still do everything you want to do on your journey. Whether you camp or rent an apartment there are money-saving tips for just about everyone.

We especially like the safety tips for women included by Candace Rose Rardon. Many women ask us if we’re ever frightened to travel to certain places in the world. Candace helps clarify this with intelligent observations and preparation. You’ll be glad to hear that the answer is GO!

If you’re looking to travel and save some money go to Matt’s blog Nomadic Matt to purchase the book and to learn more of his tips for budget traveling around the world. Don’t wait to explore the world in your retirement. Do it now! Matt’s tips can show you how.

THE QUICK BITE: If you want to learn how to travel around the world for just $50 a day you need to read Matt Kepnes book Travel The World on $50 A Day. You’ll find a book filled with useful tips on how to financially prepare for travel, accommodations, transportation and activities.


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  1. Agness of aTukTuk Reply

    June 12, 2017 at 7:59 am

    This seems like an inspiring book, Sue! I will love to read it as it is closely associated with my method of budget travelling!

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