Jump The Line At Potbelly Sandwich Shop

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If there’s one way to make me feel special it’s letting me not stand in line waiting. Who’s got time for that? Our friends at Potbelly Sandwich Shop just came out with an app that will let you jump the line and place your order smoothly on the go.

We’re huge fans of ordering their delicious handmade sandwiches so we were excited to test out their new app. The app worked seamlessly from beginning to end. It’s super easy to order any of their items exactly the way you want them, which is important to us.

Potbelly Turkey Sandwich

Potbelly Turkey Sandwich


Potbelly has everything we love about a freshly made but fast lunch. Whether you want a toasty sandwich, salad or soup they have many terrific choices. Our favorites are the hand sliced meats like turkey breast, the house-made chicken salad, and a deli pickle that’s big enough to share. They have lots of great sides too like macaroni or potato salad and lots of different tasty chips. Let’s not forget their cookies that are baked fresh every morning.

Potbelly Online Orders

Potbelly Online Orders


Potbelly Neighborhood Supporters

We are longtime fans of Potbelly Sandwich Shop and their food but it also makes us happy that they support our local schools. As you can see they customize the store with the local high school sports paraphernalia, which adds to the great ambiance. Whether we’re in downtown Chicago or nearby Oak Park we know we can get a fresh, quality lunch in a fun, happy local setting.

Potbelly Perks

Potbelly Perks


Time Saver

One of the features I liked most about the app was that you can label each item with a name making it easy peasy. Whether you are ordering food for the whole office or just a few, when you hand out your order there’s no confusion as to who gets what! You can also choose to pay for your order through the app too. That way you don’t need to do anything but pick up your order, which saves even more time.

The app easily lets you customize your order and pick your ingredients step-by-step. Whether it’s double meat, extra mayo, skinny bread, no cheese or anything else, you choose exactly what you want.

Potbelly Chicken Salad

Potbelly Chicken Salad


We ordered our lunch and chose what time to pick it up. We were out and about so picking it up was easier for us on this particular day but you can also have your food delivered if you live in the delivery service area.

When we arrived at our pick-up time we walked right up to the area clearly marked for online pick-ups. I have to admit that a few people in line looked at me when they heard me say we ordered with the app.  I’m guessing they’ll be using it next time! Our order was ready and we were out the door in just a few minutes.

Potbelly Desserts

Potbelly Desserts


Wait There’s More

When you download the Potbelly Sandwich Shop app you not only get a chance to jump the line but you can take advantage of the Potbelly Perks. Every $2 you spend earns you “smiles” towards Potbelly Perks for more tasty treats and exclusive tastings. You’ll want to downland the app ASAP. They’re running a special promotion for the first folks to download the Potbelly app to receive a FREE COOKIE! And if you’re a frequent sandwich buyer and purchase 5 sandwiches in the first five weeks, you’ll receive a sandwich free. What are you waiting for? You can download the Potbelly Sandwich Shop app here and start collecting your perks today!


4 Responses to Jump The Line At Potbelly Sandwich Shop

  1. Irene S. Levine Reply

    April 20, 2017 at 7:17 pm

    Looks like a great neighborhood place! The ability to jump the line is really precious when your meal is limited to a “lunch hour!”

    • suereddel

      suereddel Reply

      April 28, 2017 at 11:16 am

      It’s really good and now a lot faster! Thanks for stopping by Irene.

  2. michele Reply

    April 19, 2017 at 11:23 am

    We have a popular greek souvlaki joint in our Toronto neighbourhood that should develop an app like this! So often I opt not to go there because I don’t want to stand in line. I love that you can order and pay on the app so there’s no standing in line at all at Potbelly Sandwich Shop.

  3. Doreen Pendgracs Reply

    April 18, 2017 at 7:18 pm

    Yummy, Sue! I think I would be a very happy girl after a visit to the Pot Belly Diner. Thx for the taste tempting post!

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