Living In the Age of Airplanes Movie Review

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One of the reasons most of us travel is the airplane. Yet we often take the planes and the technology for granted. We complain about the cost, the tight spaces, the inconsiderate seat mates. The list could go on and on.


If you really want or need to appreciate the airplane again you must see National Geographic’s movie LIVING IN THE AGE OF AIRPLANES. The film release comes in DVD, Blu-ray and iTunes on October 25th after a long run in IMAX theaters around the world.

Living in the Age of Airplanes Movie Review

Living in the Age of Airplanes


As you would expect from the wonderful creators at National Geographic, the film is stunning.  It takes you traveling to 18 countries and all 7 continents telling the history of the airplane and its place in history.

LIVING IN THE AGE OF AIRPLANES is produced and directed by Brian J. Terwilliger (One Six Right), narrated by Harrison Ford and features an original score by Academy Award® winning composer James Horner (Avatar, Titanic). The music really sets the tone for the film. You will find yourself watching with the wonder of a child.

Landing in the Maldives Living in the age of airplanes

Landing in the Maldives.


The film took my breath away several times as together we traveled around the world seeing some places we have visited and many we haven’t.  Watching the seaplane smoothly landing on its approach to the Maldives made me want to travel there immediately. You’ll undoubtedly experience many such moments for yourself while watching the gorgeous cinematography.


Airplane taxiing in Antarctica.


We learn a lot about the contributions of the airplane to expanding our knowledge through the film as well. The airplane even made conquering the extreme cold of Antarctica easier by making it possible to conduct invaluable research for the world.




Everything From Everywhere

One of my favorite lines in the movie was “everywhere we go we find pieces of everywhere else.” We know this to be true by simply looking around our homes. Clothing from Mexico, woodwork from Germany, wine from Italy, artwork from Puerto Rico… the list could go on and on. We may forget that all of these things are brought to our homes via the airplane.



Shipping warehouse in Amsterdam.


I especially enjoyed a segment of the film called “The World Comes To Us.”  In it, we follow the route of roses, which have only a 14-day shelf life. They are grown in Kenya and shipped to Amsterdam for distribution around the world. Within just a few days the flowers make their way around the world for all us to enjoy. Watching how seamlessly this all happens is eye-opening.


This film would be an excellent gift for any traveler and a terrific movie to download for your next trip. It will certainly make you appreciate the time we live in and all the advantages airplanes bring to our lives.

For a quick look at what you’ll see check out the movie trailer below:



We were provided a screener copy of the movie for review. We were not financially compensated. As always, our review reflects our own personal opinion and experience. 

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THE QUICK BITE: Check out the National Geographic movie LIVING IN THE AGE OF AIRPLANES to remember how much impact the airplane has had on the world and the possibility of travel.


7 Responses to Living In the Age of Airplanes Movie Review

  1. Irene S. Levine Reply

    October 30, 2016 at 9:40 pm

    Sounds like a great flick, either on an airplane or at home:-)

  2. Janice Chung Reply

    October 25, 2016 at 12:19 pm

    Cool! I hope this comes to Canada. I love stuff by National Geographic. And if not I’ll certainly look for it to rent or buy.

  3. The GypsyNesters Reply

    October 25, 2016 at 11:36 am

    Looks like a great film, we will definitely be looking for it on DVD. We do take air travel for granted because it has been around long enough now. I remember as a kid we didn’t. It was a big deal, and we had to dress up for it. Will also add that landing at a tropical island in a seaplane is a great feeling.

  4. Doreen Pendgracs Reply

    October 24, 2016 at 1:22 pm

    I would love to see this film! Flying is so fascinating, and always changing. I recently flew on one of those aircraft that has personalized digital controls to make the window darker or lighter. Great feature, but in the morning brightness of the sunrise, my window was absolutely blazing hot! I’m sure if someone had their blanket or pillow against the window for an extended period of time, it would scorch, or possibly catch fire. I brought it to the attention of the flight attendant and hope they checked the controls on that before the plane went out again.

    • suereddel

      suereddel Reply

      October 25, 2016 at 6:42 am

      Woah! That’s definitely scary. Hope they get that worked and quickly. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Kay Dougherty Reply

    October 24, 2016 at 11:05 am

    I’m sure the cinematography is wonderful – I’d love to see this. If it’s still in IMAX films I think it’d be the most fun to see it in one of those.

    • suereddel

      suereddel Reply

      October 25, 2016 at 6:43 am

      Hi Kay! It definitely would be a movie to see on the large formate screen. I watched it on my laptop and still loved the film work.

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